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Next Up .... 2015 - Happy New Year.

Well that crept up rather quickly. Where Did 2014 go? It was a really busy year for us at Derby and Lancs. From our highly successful Vintage Week and Girls Go Gliding Event (to be repeated this spring ... watch this space), to one of our senior instructors being the first of the new soaring year to join the 3 mile high club (19,000 ft above the stunning Peak District National Park.)

Whilst we can't guarantee to get you or your loved ones that high, we CAN guarantee you the experience of a lifetime. So if you are looking for a gift that's different for that special person in your life, check out our flying gift vouchers at this link. Remember, they are valid for 12 months so you can give the gift as a present and the recipient can come and redeem it in the spring or summer and enjoy a spectacular day out in the heart of the Peaks.

IF you've already had a taster flight and are considering taking up the sport, why not check out our membership offers here, or our residential beginners courses here




Never flown anything other than as a passenger on a commercial flight?  You're in for a treat. After some ground tuition, you will be taken aloft by one of our BGA approved instructors and given the opportunity to handle the controls of the aircraft as you soar the Derbyshire countryside. This is NOT a joy ride. This is a true flying lesson with full hands on tuition. A great introduction to what could turn into a very addictive pasttime ..... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Click Here for more details

Camphill is just the place for you to experience the magic of glider flight - to actually soar like a bird over the Derbyshire countryside.

Camphill is a hill top gliding airfield flanked by ridges on the west side and to the south. The airfield is 3/4 mile long North-South and 600 yards wide East-West. It is an all grass airfield with a well kept smooth surface. There is a hard core perimeter track for easy access to all parts of the airfield.

Converted from the buildings of Camphill Farm, a Derbyshire hill farm - the clubhouse provides excellent facilities by normal gliding club standards. Bar, dining room, lounge/clubroom, TV, email, etc.. Why not learn to fly fast on one of our 5 day residential Gliding Holidays. Gliding Holiday Courses are an excellent way to accelerate your learning. You are immersed in club activities from the moment you arrive until the last minute of your final day.  To check available dates call 01298 871270 


Latest News from Camphill

2015 Beginners Public Course Dates Announced

 The DLGC Flying Start Residential beginners training courses. Dates for 2015 have been announced


Longest Day first flight goes to .....

 Nick McCloud at 4:08. More news as the day progresses.

The Longest Day - Big Fly-In

 DLGC Members are planning a Big Fly-In on June 20th - The longest day. Flying will commence at 4:05

May 2012. Junior Gliding Centre

 Exciting News. Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding Club have just been appointed as a Junior Gliding Centre. Low Cost Membership and half price flying lessons. More news soon

2012 course dates announced

 Derbyshire and Lancashire Gliding club announce new Public course dates for 2012

Vintage Week

June 23rd 2012 A chance to meet up with old friends and see those gliders of yesteryear take to the skies once again

2012 Arrives in Style

Monday Jan 2nd 2012 - The New Year arrives in style. Sunshine. Wind 245/30.  A great start to the New Year and a welcome soaring day after December offered so little in the way of flying opportunities.

Recent Flying Achievements

# Northern Regionals - Congratulations to Mike Armstrong (Derby and Lancs) who was the convincing winner, being top of the results table on 5 days out of 6. And to John Klunder (Derby and Lancs) who finished 16th with best day of 10t

There are a number of ways you can try Gliding 

From a Single flight Trial Lesson to an All Inclusive Residential Gliding Holiday Trial Lessons are available throughout the year and our residential course run from May - ~September. Call our office on 01298 871270 to check availablity

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